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The previous company of our family business “swallowed” 83 million Forint (because of our credulity).

We would under no circumstances like this to happen again.

We either ask for an advance payment on material costs before starting the work, or we take on the contracted job without purchase of materials.

At this point, probably everything has been said, but in case of any incomprehensibilities, we can gladly make a further elaborate on our basic principles.

We did, do and will have orders.
We do not need any orders “financed by the EU or tenders; projects of billions or additional finance”. These are no appropriate orders. Orders, that is appropriate orders have two decent parties signing a contract with both of them satisfied and the work done paid for.

We do not work by 30 or 60 days’ payment deadlines, only by weekly accounting.

This might seem to be a small-minded approach, but it is still better than to get seriously into debt for the sake of others. A decent client is able to pay weekly.